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Educator Of The Year Nominee

Parent Information for Windemere Family Day Care

I look forward to working alongside families to provide high quality care and providing an education program for your child in a loving family setting. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me.
Below are some helpful links and additional information.


Family Day Care Australia

I am registered with Family Day Care Australia. They provide an abundance of information for parents and support Educators and Care Services eg. Kids at Home. Information for parents is found in the About Family Day Care tab of their website. Amongst frequently asked questions and other information I found these amazing statistics!

Did you know that across Australia:

  • Family day care has operated for over 40 years.
  • Over 123,910* families use family day care.
  • Over 220,850* children are enrolled in family day care.
  • There are over 26,000** family day care educators.
  • There are over 800* family day care approved services.

* Australian Government Department of Education, Early Childhood and Child Care in Summary report, June quarter 2015 **FDCA database


Eligible For CCR and  CCB

My service is registered to be eligible for you to receive your full child care subsidy entitlements.

Make sure you have all your Human Services (Centrelink) details to claim your CCR and CCB.
Call Human Services 136 150 or login to your account. (Centrelink) to find out more.


Kids at Home

I belong to the The Kids at Home Family Day Care Service (Scheme) which is based in Brisbane (Queensland) and dedicated to providing all families with access to quality home based childcare places. Kids at Home work closely with their Educators, supporting them and building relationships that will add value, not just to their businesses, but also to the families and children they provide a service to. Click for more information about Kids at Home.


What to bring 

  1. A bag with 3 changes of weather appropriate clothing including underpants (if toileting) and a spare pair of socks, nappies (if needed).
  2. A water bottle
  3. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Late snack if picked up later than 4.30pm
  4. A wide brim hat, this can be left on our hat rack
  5. Shoes
  6. Sunscreen, this can be left in the sunscreen basket
  7. Wetwipes, (if in nappies) which will be kept in nappy change area.


 Fees and Hours

I operate between 8am and 5pm (late and early pick ups/drop offs are available by request)

I charge a flat day rate of $86.31 (9 Hours)

Additional hours are extra.

Note: This is the price before any eligible child care subsidy’s are applied, the price you pay may well be a lot less.

Unlike other services i will not charge you for public holidays when i am closed.

For more information please call me 0488 033 154


Andrea’s Childcare Qualifications

  • Diploma of Early Childcare Education.
  • First Aid and CPR with Anaphylaxis Training.
  • Safe Food Handling Certificate.
  • Blue Card.